United Financial Insurance Group


Creative lending for nationwide real estate.


Visually substantiate the scale and quality of business the company is currently performing.

Create an easy way for the client to change daily rates.

Instead of niching the company, showcase UFIG’s strength as a “do-it-all” real estate lender.

Lead all users to contacting UFIG directly over the phone.


Create a simplistic homepage for UFIG that doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many lending options upfront.

Strategize a site structure that fulfills the needs of UFIG’s two vastly different users groups; (A) Veteran real estate owners and (B) first time real estate owners.

Our Solution

We created a hero section with video very subtle movement to draw attention to the top information to quickly show who UGIF is and what they do.

By simplifying the services area allowed us to get the top loan options infront of visitors so they can understand what they need and where to go.

Loan type pages were broken down to make it easy for anyone to understand what they need.

Calls to action were simple and straight-forward, again making it easy to get to a live person to start the loan process.