Never be in the dark, when it comes to your website.


Whether you need a new website, a full website redesign, or a partial redesign (for example a new Homepage), you will receive full agency commitment to the process of providing you with a great outcome. Each project always starts with establishing the goal(s). We will begin with an introductory conversation where we can familiarize ourselves with your business. We will identify the problems your website will solve for your business, process, or sales. Our strategy meeting will include identifying your target audience, a consequential step is seeing real results with your site. Lastly, we tackle conversion. If you have an educational website the conversion may be in joining your social network, or establishing you as the brand authority in the eyes of that user. For a sales site that conversion is more traditional in tracking product sales.


Phase 1

Strategy & Discovery

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4
Launch & WebCare®

At the beginning of your project you will be assigned a Project Manager, who will provide you with a timeline for your project, inform you of each checkpoint or deliverable, and be in contact with you during every stage of your build. They will also set up an initial strategy meeting to go over the goals of the site and to discuss demographics of your target audience. We take the time to understand your business, and relevant operations to truly see how your website can benefit your company on multiple levels. Most sites are able to attract and convert new leads for your business and also cut down on your internal process. (Cha-ching!)

Once we have gone through the goals and strategy for the website, we will begin collecting all the content for the site build. You will be provided with a dropbox and a shared content document so you can quickly begin dropping in the needed information. Your project manager will work with you through this process.

Then we begin the design stage, using “mockups”. These mockups are non-interactive pages of your site. So that you can fully approve each page of your design before the site is ever built online. By the time we are ready to begin development, you will be 100% confident in exactly what your site is going to look like.

Now that all mockups have been approved, we move the project into development. We will create the website on a staging area and we will deliver the link when it is ready for your reviews. All sites are created with full mobile views. So your website will look great in any kind of device or monitor size.

Once you approve your staging site, we will do a final quality check and then launch your site live.

Now that we have successfully launched your site, we’ll setup an ongoing plan so your site stays up to date, secure and continues to improve in rankings. We provide WebCare®, an optional (but highly recommended) personal concierge service for your website. We take care of your unique website tasks, offer recommendations and provide ongoing strategy. Think of us as your on-call website management team!

Timing your project

One of the questions we hear the most is, “how fast can you get it done?” Your project proposal will include a timeline specific to your project. However depending on the project size and complexity, generally we take between 12 – 16 weeks to complete a website project, from start to finish.



Your project proposal will outline all of the pages, content, or work outline of your build. It will also include all of your phases for deliveries, amount of revisions, and meetings or checkpoints for your project. You will also see your projected project timeline, and an exact cost (not an estimate) for your project.

Obviously due to the wide range of scope for each project it is hard to give an overall ballpark. However, generally the median of our work falls between $20k – $35k. With some smaller projects dipping below that, and larger ones exceeding it.