Integration, Inc.

Software Company

30 years of excellence in business process automation.


Communicate technical, complex software services in a way that is easily digestible.

Change the focus of the website to their primary service of EDI (electronic data interchange).

Very high-ranking company for google ads, make sure SEO is brought over properly from the current site.

Keep the current high google ranking on specific service pages. 

Call to actions need customers to call the business directly.


Their services are complex and use technical language that most consumers won’t understand.

Creating a simplistic message and user experience, while still providing rich copy and technical keywords to keep them ranking high in a google search.

Highlight EDI services as the main product, but still offer their other products without a steep drop-off in sales.

Finding images and visuals that “show” the process, rather then “tell” about it.

Our Solution

Created custom animation that showed how the software solution benefits the customer instead of explaining how it works.

Built the homepage to sell their most important product and showed the other products as supporting their lead program.

We supported their SEO efforts on every page of the site to hit their keyword strings.

We used real customers to demonstrate throughout the site how this software is supporting their businesses.

A customized contact us page to draw attention to calling the office instead of filling out forms.