LT Digital

eCommerce / Marketing

Digital marketing materials for real estate professionals.


Build an extensive curated eCommerce experience for their complex product inventory.

Create a hand-held experience for realtors, matching products and services with their specific needs.
Integration with HubSpot, to support product delivery and sales.

Engineer a simplified back-end, that’s easy for client’s own employees to work within and manage product lines.


The original site was not eCommerce. All products were purchased from a series of clumsy forms that were not user friendly.

Product pages/categories had unclear labels and made the site difficult to navigate.

Curating a user-friendly experience for realtors, at every stage in their business pipeline.

The new shopping cart required full integration with their current hubspot workflow.

Products were disorganized and required a custom checkout experience from item to item.

Our Solution

Created a unique homepage with four tabs correlating to the four top checkpoints in a realtor’s sales pipeline. Each tab highlighting the appropriate service and products necessary for the checkpoint in their sales process.

Designed a mega menu of their 200+ products so they were much easier to access.

Set up intuitive product categories for all products so that we could create product collection pages.

Developed unique product and checkout pages for specific product categories that required unique fields and user customization prior to checkout.