Teamed For Learning

Online Recruitment Platform

Digital staffing platform for online education.


Build a completely custom online staffing and recruitment platform.

Design for two different users, Digital Learning Professionals (Employee) and the Schools (Employer) that will hire them.

Create a public site, and then 2 different login areas for both user groups.

Build a custom chat and voting feature, so that Schools could have internal dialogue and a voting system on each candidate during their interview process.


The entire custom platform required a lot of user flow strategy, for each stage of the portal, for both user groups (Employee and Employer).

Creating intuitive design for members to instinctively be able to navigate their entire portal.

Our Solution

We used animation on the public website to illustrate how Teamed “connects” employees to employers.

Custom graphic work and extensive user flow strategy was used to complete the portal, complete with 3 different views/membership types. (Admin, Employee, Employer).