Scottsdale Art Auction

Art / Auction House

The Southwest’s largest art auction house.


Import for each auction annually
Managing the auction, and results


Scottsdale Art Auction puts on one of the largest western art auctions in the world, so they needed a site that can handle a large portfolio that is constantly changing.
They also needed a way to archive their auctions each year keeping different information available depending on the phase of that auction – before, during and after the auction.

Our Solution

We built in an import feature so SAA could get huge amounts of artwork and data laid into the pages of the site quickly and efficiently.
We created templates for all the phases of the auctions that would allow us to move the information from one template to another easily and accurately.
Organic SEO was built into the site for artworks, artists and for the auctions themselves. A blog was added to start driving traffic through their articles.