Where financial outlook and life goals meet.


Create a design that emphasizes how a client feels when they have reached their financial goals.

Cover a wide variety of services without being verbally overwhelming.

Introduce SynerG as a turnkey program.

Make contacting SharpePoint easy.


Make contacting SharpePoint easy.

Creating stock imagery that brings life to the site.

Making the 6 step program inviting and easy to understand.

Setting up resources that are truly helpful for clients.

Our Solution

SharpePoint provided great content, but we combed through and edited the text to make sure an outside source could understand it!

We worked with images that created the feeling of celebration, (small or big) to give a “Living life to the fullest” vibe.

We focused the design of their signature 6 step program, to create a calming effect on that page. Thus, making it an enjoyable reading experience.

We designed helpful articles around the calculator resources to make it easier to engage with users.