Building bold is the name of the game.


Take the Seabold website to the next level of modern design in a competitive market.

Give the site a sense of community by highlighting locations in Portland and people that are interacting with the architecture.

Shift Seabold’s mission to include building relationships, not just buildings.


Images and video provided were low quality. We needed to find a way to take the media files and create a professional hero section and portfolio.

Create a portfolio that is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Integrate the backend so uploading new projects and floor plans is easy to update within the company.

Our Solution

We edited together clips and gave them a sleek, modern vibe by using a variation in clip speed to hide imperfections in the footage. The result is a powerful video that highlights the many bold buildings of Seabold and captures your attention.

We built a project gallery that allows potential clients to quickly access any type of build they are interested in.

We included easy access on the backend for staff to be able to upload new projects or create plan center documents for clients to look through.