Social Media – the Driving Force Behind Web Traffic

Social media is known to be a powerful beast in the world of communication, whether it be between businesses or at a personal level. It has become one of the most useful tools when it comes to “speaking to your audience” for three reasons.

August 3, 2017 by Jolly Creative Agency

Generating New Website Activity
Sites like Twitter and Facebook, that host millions of users, depend on your website to generate content and provide back links. Social media is flooded with easy access to products, articles, blogs etc. All of this information is at our fingertips every day, which in turn is generating activity on your website.

Reaching Your Exact Demographic
Most companies don’t think social media will directly benefit their sales/leads unless they are a lifestyle brand. Well, did you know that by merely paying a few bucks you can run several ads on Facebook and receive FREE demographic reports on your reach, interest/interaction, etc. Did you know that with a professional managing your ad campaign you can retarget only the interested viewers with specific campaigns, or move money from one campaign to another based on it’s performance? There are a million other tricks and strategies that only social media provides as direct marketing for your website, but more importantly your company.

When most people go to purchase something “new” they typically want some type of referral. “My friend has one and loves it.” “I read on Yelp! that this place is the best.” Social media is a way for perfect strangers to feel like they know you. You might not have needed a mattress last year, but started following Tuft and Needle because you like their “lifestyle”-type posts. Now that you are moving they are already bumped to your top brand to consider for a mattress. Social media creates familiarity, so go ahead, let someone become your brand’s friend.

What Jolly Creative Agency is doing about it!

  • About 60% of clients under our WebCare™ receive FREE blog posts and professionally designed graphics which are posted on their site and social outlets each month.
  • We have recently partnered with the social media experts of Generate Followers.

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