Studio Dwell

Commercial / Residential Interior Design

Award winning studio with a splash of sass.


Create a website that highlights their impressive designs while showing the approachable and fun team that is the heart of Studio Dwell.

Integrate both Residential and Commercial design into the site.

Display their massive portfolio.


Studio Dwell’s portfolio is very large, we needed a way to break down the styles and be able to include both residential and commercial work without it becoming overwhelming to visitors.

They needed to educate their users on “styles” of design, in a way that is not overwhelming or “shop-talk”.

Show the approachable, playful, inquisitive and fun side of Studio Dwell while presenting their high end projects.

Our Solution

We strategized, organized and built a portfolio that made it easy for visitors to shop their styles quickly.

We added descriptions for each design style that pokes a little fun at design making it non-intimidating to find the style that’s right for each visitor.

We added a blog so the team at Studio Dwell can share “insider” stories on projects, the many charity projects they are involved in and personal growth and success stories of team members.

We brought their instagram feed to the homepage so visitors can see the latest projects finished or in progress.