Fast Mail Direct


Where technology and direct mail marketing meet.


Create a story for the brand that was missing on their old site.

Give new customers the steps to create their account and products.

Take the proprietary software of Fast Mail Direct and design the cart pages that lead the visitor through the more complicated process of direct mail making it easy and with as few clicks as possible.


Take a more complicated system and simplify it for the user.

Create a process for customers that puts everything they need in front of them without it being overwhelming.

Create navigation that works for both the novice and the returning customer.

Our Solution

We strategized the flow of the site for as few clicks as possible so new users can learn the process and be lead through easy steps to create their first product.

We re-thought the current cart flow and made it simpler for the customer and organized how information was placed in front of them.

We optimized the display design of their proprietary mapping system so it was easier for customers to see and use it.

We improved the flow of checkout.