Elite Care


Distributors of advanced orthopedic products in the Southwest.


Put them on the map as Breg’s number one distributor of orthopedic products in the southwest.
Create a public facing site that introduces Breg’s products but also emphasizes the training and educational services provided by Elite Care for those products.
Answer all questions about billing and billing services through the website, since Elite Care is a distributor of the devices, not a medical facility.


Distinguishing the difference between Breg products and Elite Care services.
Educating visitors about the products but also encouraging them to visit Breg for instructional “how to use” videos if they have purchased from a medical facility.

Our Solution

Make a clear distinction between Breg products and all the many patient services provided by the team at Elite Care.
Make it easy for visitors to find the product they have purchased through their provider and get information quickly on how to use it.