Cathy Eastham Fine Jewelry

eCommerce / Jeweler

Window shop luxury custom jewelry.


A custom shopping experience for their jewelry, which is all one of a kind.

Showcasing a new line of Bridal Rings.

Featuring the owner Cathy Eastham whose landmark business has been thriving for 40 years. She is also a local philanthropist, which defines her and her brand as one with heart.


They had a mountain of inventory that needed to get onto the site, and be updated on a regular basis to keep up with new product and sales.

Our Solution

We built a custom import solution for the business’ ever evolving inventory. This saved their team valuable time and money, and now their site is always fresh and current with their custom pieces.

We built a custom shopping cart that fit the needs of the store. With custom filters to search for products. And also custom product pages, that allow a user to inquire about each piece of work before purchase.