Cheap Custom Website Design, but What Will it be Lacking?

October 15, 2017 by Jolly Creative Agency

Every website project abides by the LAW OF 3.

  • TIME
  • COST

In a professional world you should be receiving all three in balance. An average budget should allow you to hire a website design team to create a high quality website, with a reasonable timeline. Let’s examine a few real-time examples in which a project request is made with only 2 of the 3 laws and what to expect from each scenario.

Scenario 1


Most requests for website design are, “I want it cheep and fast!”. In this case it will not be quality. There are lots of options for a cheap website, but this solution is not a lasting one. A solution like this will typically not include custom design, custom content, appropriate planning for longevity or proper SEO techniques. It’s a shortcut and should only be used in the short-term (if ever.)

Scenario 2


Or, “Can you provide a quote for a high quality and professional multi-page website, we need it up in a month!” In this scenario that additional rush and strain on resources will increase your project’s budget. Be prepared to be on-call for your designer(s), to aide them in any content or timely feedback that they will require for you in order to hit a short deadline. A professional team will be able to deliver whatever deadline is agreed upon, but personnel overtime and adjustments for other projects in their schedule will increase the cost of your project.

(If you are actually in this scenario, we feel for you. And in all honesty, you don’t have the time to finish this article, call us for a quote (480) 212-1900.)

Scenario 3


If you want a quality site on a dime, be prepared to hire a college student/intern/etc., who will do this work (practically) for free, so they can add it to their portfolio… and expect it to have zero timeline. If you have been in this scenario…it is the worst. Though a lot of us have been there, no one repeats this plan twice.

You get it. Basically the idea is plan! If you can plan ahead then you will always be able to obtain all 3 qualities of a good site build without issue. If you do have project restraint(s), let your design team know and be prepared to plan to course correct for any shortcomings (example 1 and 3 especially.)

Just like the force…the RULE OF 3 is unavoidable. So work with it and good luck with your website!


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